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Our Story

Kwarleyz Residence stands as a grand testament to one young man's love for his mother. He endeavored to display through his work the impact his mum had on his life, by constructing a prestigious 40-unit hotel, in the upscale Airport Residential Area.


Five star luxury hotel & suites

Kwarleyz Residence represents the power of family and the importance of honoring those who have made a lasting impact in our lives while they are with us. Both sides of the hotel feature an emblazoned rendition of Aunte Kwarley, as she’s affectionately known.

As the pioneer of the hotel concept in Ghana, Kwarleyz Residence has redefined hospitality standards, bringing excellence to the forefront. This architectural marvel boasts a contemporary design that captivates with its glass façade, overlooking Kofi Annan street.

Inside, each suite exudes elegance and sophistication, featuring floating staircases, ambient lighting, and sleek flooring. Through the expansive glass windows, guests are treated to panoramic views, creating a serene and exclusive living experience for individuals, couples, and families alike.

Emphasizing privacy, comfort, and luxury, Kwarleyz Residence offers not only premium accommodations but also a restaurant and coffee lounge to indulge in delightful delicacies. For the health-conscious, a state-of-the-art gymnasium awaits, equipped with the latest fitness technology.

Kwarleyz Residence beautifully amalgamates the values of family, architectural brilliance, and contemporary living, inviting guests to embrace an extraordinary lifestyle in the heart of the city.

Sky Garden
Restaurant 1


All Day Dining

Visa on Arrival

Airport Transfers

providing an alternative and sophisticated lifestyle experience